Stimulus Money Cleans Up Kidzville

Local kids have a nicer place to play thanks to some Zanesville youths and federal stimulus money.

For more than a month nine members of the Summer Youth Program have been working to revitalize Kidzville. They’ve been repairing and replacing equipment at the park to return it to like new condition.

Stimulus grant money pays for the project, giving younger kids a place to play while the older program participants get a paycheck and important job skills.

“I’ve seem some of these kids who did not know how to use any power tools or power washers or any of the paint spraying materials and things that we use. Now they’re proficient with all of them. It has been real good on the job training for these kids,” says Tim Lasure, supervisor Kidzville Summer Youth Project.

Mayor Zwelling was at Kidzville today to check out the progress. He says it’s great to see local groups step-up to help since there are only five workers to take care of all the city’s parks.

“It’s just a wonderful feeling. This is a wonderful community and a very generous community, so we’re very happy with the way things are going here. We’re on a limited budget and it’s difficult to plan for more employees, we’ve have a hiring freeze ever since I’ve been mayor,” says Zwelling.

The Kidzville project should be complete August 7. Those involved will be rewarded with a pizza party for their hard work throughout the summer.

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