Stock Car Show At Colony Square

Colony Square Mall Logo

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Zanesville’s Colony Square Mall had its Midway Speedway Stock Car show on Saturday, March, 14th.

The show is meant to raise awareness for the sport. Shawn Scott, a local owner and racer, spoke about what the event meant for him and the sport.

“Kids, that’s the uhm, livelihood of the sport, I mean, ya know, kids growing up seeing this wanna get into it is what’s gonna keep the sport going when older guys ya know, have to retire. That’s kinda what we do we kinda promote it out here.”

Shawn has covered his cars with stickers of all his sponsors, but his sticker “Racing Against Bullying” means a little more to him.

“We just as racers ya know we’re trying to just throw it out there that you know, it all needs to stop. Everybody is their own person and there’s about five or six of us that I know of that I talk to often that run those stickers. “

The stock car show is continuing through Sunday, March 15th at Colony Square Mall.

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