Take a Dive into the Deep at the Roseville Library

Deep Sea Library

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Muskingum County Library System schedules a wide variety of events across all of its branches that entertain and inform readers of all ages.

Youth Services Assistant Librarian Rachel Archeron shared an upcoming event, titled “Deep Sea Science’ that will be held at the Roseville library, 5:30 this Wednesday, April 12th. “So we are going to be doing a couple of activities based on the deep sea,” Archeron said. “There’s going to be some sorting of animals based on which ocean zone they live in. And we’re going to talk about the different characteristics that they have and kind of what makes them able to live so far down in the deep sea.”

The event is geared toward ages 10-to-18 and hopes to shed light on one of the planet’s last frontiers.

“So I’m going to start off by kind of going over some of the science and talking about the animals and the different adaptations that they have and then we’re going to do a couple of activities and if time permits, I have an experiment planned about hydrothermal vents,” Archeron said.

Each Muskingum County Library is scheduled to host an interesting topic every two months that allows staff members to tour the county and present their subject to diverse audiences.

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