211 Offers Assistance to Residents


ZANESVILLE – The United Way’s 211 information line has been greatly utilized by local residents.

The non-profit received 859 calls to the 211 number in April which is more than it received during April of last year.

United Way is available to take calls from people who are in a crisis and experiencing a high level of anxiety and/or depression. However, most of the calls that were taken in April were for financial assistance.

“Food and utilities are always among our highest because that’s what people need immediately and there aren’t resources that people readily know about which is why most people call 211 when they’re not sure where to go, what resources are in the community, or, who they’re supposed to call. Then, they call 211 and for food and utilities, that’s something that we see a lot of,” United Way’s Resource Development Director Kyle Dunn said.

The United Way feels, as a whole, they are able to step in to offer assistance and help as best they can as people deal with the unfamiliarity created by Covid-19.

“What United Way does, what are specialty is uniting all of those resources, the people that need those resources, the organizations that have the resources so that they can meet the community goals,” Dunn said.

The 211 number is available for people in need 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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