WIC Available For Farmers Markets

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Muskingum County WIC is giving a voucher to its recipients for use at farmers markets here in Zanesville. 

The voucher can only be used at farmers markets to get produce and is for twenty dollars. WIC coordinator Claire Gately has more. 

“We are giving out WIC farmers market coupons to our WIC participants and anyone four months or over is eligible and we give twenty dollars to any participant over four months of age to use between now and October which is the end of the farmers market season. They can use them here or at the other markets around town, but they need to pick them up here, at this market on Saturday mornings, or downtown on 3rd street Wednesday afternoons beginning this Wednesday.”

Coupons can be picked up at the Zanesville Farmers Market at Adornettos. Gately explained the wait for the coupons. 

“We tend to give out our coupons; first of all we don’t even get them until the end of June. Well actually it was the end of June, so we just got them. But we like to give them out when there’s produce available. Produce just started to be available, because you have to use the coupons for stuff locally grown or grown in Ohio.”

Both farmers markets in Zanesville take place on Saturday mornings.

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