Zanesville City Schools Driver Education Program Receives Assistance


ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Ohio Driver’s Education system has changed over the years from being run through the education system at no cost to the student to being run through the transportation system with students being charged. 

Zanesville City School Assistant Superintendent Steve Foreman explained how the cost of driver’s education can hinder students’ ability to find education and employment. 

“It’s absolutely fabulous to give someone the best education so they can get a great job but we have to think beyond that and we have to think, do they have access to be able to get to the job or to the classes they need to get the diploma. And so basically, the cycle of poverty, if they aren’t privy to those opportunities, the cycle of poverty just swirls and keeps going. This is a way that we can break that cycle,” Foreman said.

Zanesville’s program is available to all Zanesville high school students, thanks to support from the J.W. and M.H. Straker Foundation, who works with local organizations and agencies that provide opportunities to overcome the cycle of poverty.

“So there’s really two big funding sources that make this program possible, one is the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Service and the other part is the Straker Foundation,” Foreman said. “And so the Straker Foundation has kicked in money which has allowed us to buy our car and also because the cost is $350 through the Muskingum Valley Driving School, but now they pick up that $350. So.”

Foreman added that students will need $50 to begin the program but after they have received their driver’s license they will be handed a $50 gas card.

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