ZFD Reminds Residents to Celebrate the 4th of July Safely


ZANESVILLE – Zanesville Fire Department is reminding residents to stay safe for Fourth of July.

While the fourth is a day for fun and the fireworks are always a pretty spectacle, such an event should always be taken with caution.

“Anyone who is using fireworks or the supervisors should not be using drugs or alcohol. Definitely, if you’re using the fireworks, you want to read the label instructions. You want to make sure that you’ve got a bucket of water and a water source nearby to make sure it doesn’t get out of control.” Zanesville Fire Department’s Pete Ferguson said.

Consumer fireworks cannot legally be discharged in Ohio no matter how careful you may be with the supplies.

“You can lose fingers, hands, you eyes can get damaged. It can make you go blind if you don’t use them properly and even if you do use them properly, if you’re not certified there’s a real danger in using them,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson also said residents are generally smart when it comes to enjoying the Fourth of July.

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