Zanesville Orthopedic Surgeon Joining Faculty of AO Group


ZANESVILLE, Ohio — A Zanesville Orthopedic Surgeon is joining the faculty of a prominent group of physicians. AO, a Swiss acronym, directly translates in English to the Association of the Study of Internal Fixation (ASIF).

“To be a faculty member with the AO, you have to be a fellowship-trained orthopedic trauma surgeon, so my study and career pathway kind of led me toward that. This is basically another way that — you know, this will be a smaller part of my clinical practice, you know the vast majority of my clinical practice is here in Zanesville, seeing patients in the office and operating,” Dr. Ben Pulley, of Orthopedic Associates, tells WHIZ News.

Pulley’s resume’ includes a fellowship at Stanford Hospital & Clinics, Mt. Carmel Health System, and the Wake Forest University School of Medicine. Pulley has been on staff at Orthopedic Associates for a year.

“Ultimately, everything we do in medicine comes back to the patient, and how can we deliver the best possible care to the patients. I think this is great for my patients and prospective patients because I’m able to stay current out there that you know, things change quickly in medicine, and you have to have multiple ways to stay plugged in and to stay current on techniques, strategies, implants, things like that,” Pulley says.

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