ZPD: Expect Increased Patrol Units for Halloween


ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Pretty soon the city of Zanesville will have princesses, goblins and ghosts walking up and down our streets.

Patrol Captain for the Zanesville Police Department Scott Comstock wants to remind you how to be safe this Halloween.

“Trick or treat will be from 5:30 to 7 p.m. this Thursday city-wide. Basic common sense rules would be that the parents are out with the children if age appropriate. We would encourage them to have some kind of reflective material on if they’re gonna be out after dark. We would want them to dress appropriately and use caution because there’s going to be some reduced visibility there.”

Comstock also wants to remind the city there will be additional patrols looking out for trick or treaters.

“There is a grant that the city had recieved for additional patrol enforcement throughout the Halloween time frame. We have had increased patrol earlier this week and then there will be possibly some additional up through Thursday for trick-or-treat. “

Patrols will also be looking for people who decide to drive intoxicated. Comstock also wanted to remind people who choose to drink this Halloween to plan to have a sober driver to and from festivities.

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