Zanesville – Muskingum Co. Port Authority looks for best way to aid businesses

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ZANESVILLE – The County Government Office conducted a meeting Wednesday morning and, keeping up with social distancing, it was done entirely with the Zoom video conferencing tool. The county government office puts employees at the front of its mind when making decisions.

“There are multiple loans at different phases of government at the federal and state level that we are trying to get the right amount of existing information to its employers so they can make the best decision for their company and the best decision for their employees,” Port Authority Executive Director Matt Abbott said.

The Port Authority will have to change its routine a bit for recruiting new businesses. However, Abbott feels business men and women in the county are tough enough to persevere through the difficult circumstances.

“Right now is a kind of shift and I think our economy and the business world and especially the business world in Muskingum County; we have a lot of resilient people and a lot of resilient companies that have seen adversity before. The toughest thing to measure is the unknown; the unknown that we all face as people in the state of Ohio and as businesses,” Abbott said.

The Port Authority as well as the Chamber of Commerce feel its best to accommodate businesses now so they can be in the best possible shape for when the stay at home order is lifted.

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